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Reserva Amazonica

Amazon, Peru

3 days


An eco-luxury lodge in front of Madre de Dios River, Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica has 35 wooden cabanas inspired in the Ese’Eja culture. 540 bird species have been inventoried in hotel grounds, deep in the rainforest. The property offers a varied selection of à-la-carte excursions, including a visit to the Inkaterra Canopy Walkway, a bridge system at 30 meters above the ground, allowing adventurers to enjoy a privileged view of the Amazon. In 2013, Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica was selected by National Geographic Traveller magazine among the world’s 25 best eco-lodges. Contours Travel suggests a three nights stay to fully explore this area.


  • Walk through the Inkaterra Ecological Reserve at night. Biological activity differs greatly between night and day in the Amazonian ecosystem.
  • Stay at one of the most luxurious lodges in Peru for an adventure combined with service and comfort
  • Rooms feature private bathrooms with hot water, ceiling fans and hammocks in a screened verandah area
  • Relax in the sublima ENA Spa, combining classic nurturing with the exotic ingredients of the Amazon
  • Learn to identify orchids, its flower parts, pollinators and different habitats.
  • Explore the rainforest canopy with Inkaterra’s excellent canopy walkway featuring seven hanging bridges
  • Take a walk along one of the trails that extend approximately 7.3 kilometres in Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica Natural Reserve and you will discover the incredible realm of the Amazon rainforest.
  • The trails offer an excellent introduction to the jungle ecosystem, as you walk past exotic rainforest trees, such as the kapok tree (Ceiba pentandra) and the beautiful iron wood tree.


Day 1 Puerto Maldonado/Amazon

Welcome to Puerto Maldonado. On arrival, you will be picked up by one of your local representatives. You will begin to experience the enchantment of the rain forest, as you take a 45-minute boat ride along the Madre de Dios River to arrive at Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica lodge.

After a short briefing, settle into your beautiful cabaña and enjoy your lunch in the dining room. Take a nap, followed by a refreshing tea time, and get ready for the afternoon excursion. After gathering with your Inkaterra Explorer Guide, choose from the menu of excursions available. On your first day, take a guided walk along the Trail system, into the Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica natural area, where you will discover the Amazon Basin. This trail offers an excellent introduction to the jungle environment, winding past impressive trees such as the Shihuahuaco, and the strangely beautiful strangler fig, offering excellent opportunities for bird watching and observing exotic insects. On the first night, take the Twilight River excursion, a guided afternoon boat ride on the Madre de Dios river. Witness the transformation from a diurnal to a nocturnal world: animals and birds of the daytime give way to species specially adapted to the night. As you enjoy their paradise, you will learn about their habits, while you search for Nightjars, Owls, Capybaras and big Caimans.

Enjoy the dinner, served in the main dining room from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. After dinner, you may retire early to your room or join a talk about your experience in the rainforest, as you listen to the intriguing sounds of the jungle at night.

Day 2 Amazon

Today you will go on a journey to Lake Sandoval into the Tambopata National Reserve. Glide in a wooden canoe, across a beautiful, mirror-like oxbow lake that is home to the endangered Giant River Otter, as well as Red Howler Monkeys, Red-bellied Macaws, Anacondas, Side-neck Turtles, and Black Caimans. Return to the Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica for lunch.

After lunch, consider visit the remarkable Inkaterra Canopy Walkway and Anaconda walk. Ascending the first tower, 29 meters above the forest ground, you begin your encounter with the treetop realm. During this hour-and-a-half expedition, be on the lookout for bright Toucans, Woodpeckers, Trogons, Monkeys, and the Three-toed Sloth.

If you wish you may extend your excursion and appreciate the sunset from one of the towers. After your descent from the Canopy, experience the Anaconda walk for about 30 minutes along the 200-meter wooden bridge over the Aguajales swamps. In this lush ecosystem, you may observe the various species of amphibians, birds, mammals, abundant flora, trees and there is a possibility to see snakes of this flooded marshland. The walk finishes by returning to the lodge. Once at the lodge, enjoy the daily nature presentation in the Eco Centre.

Day 3 Amazon

Early this morning, board the motorboat and head back downstream to Puerto Maldonado. You will be transferred to headquarters to pick up your luggage and then to the airport for your onwards flight.


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